Sample potje

Sample potje


Sample potje om verf te testen, 100 ML. Dit potje is goed voor 1 vierkante meter.

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Sample potje om de kleur te testen.

Kleuren Farrow&Ball

All White (2005), Ammonite (274), Archive (227 Archive Colours), Arsenic (214), Babouche (223), Ball Green (75), Black Blue (95 Archive)), Blackened (2011), Blazer (212), Blue Gray (91), Blue Ground (210), Bone (15), Book Room Red (50 Archive), Borrowed Light (235), Brassica (271), Breakfast Room Green (81), Brinjal (222), Cabbage White (269), Calamine (230), Calke Green (34), Calluna (270), Card Room Green (79), Charleston Gray (243), Charlotte's Locks (268), Churlish Green (251), Cinder Rose (246), Citron (74), Clunch (2009 Archive), Cook's Blue (237), Cooking Apple Green (32), Cord (16), Cornforth White (228), Dayroom Yellow (233), Dead Salmon (28), Dimity (2008), Dimpse (277), Dix Blue (82), Dorset Cream (68), Dove Tale (267), Down Pipe (26), Drawing Room Blue (253 Archive), Drop Cloth (283), Eating Room Red (43), Elephant's Breath (229), Farrow's Cream (67), French Gray (18), Great White (2006), Green Blue (84), Green Ground (206), Green Smoke (47), Hague Blue (30), Hardwick White (5), Hay (37), House White (2012), Incarnadine (248), Inchyra Blue (289), India Yellow (66), James White (2010), Joa's White (226), Lamp Room Gray (88), Lichen (19), Light Blue (22), Light Gray (17), Lime White (1), London Clay (244), London Stone (6), Lulworth Blue (89), Mahogany (36), Manor House Gray (265), Matchstick (2013), Middleton Pink (245), Mizzle (266), Mole's Breath (276), Mouse's Back (40), Nancy's Blushes (278), New White (59), Off-Black (57), Off-White (3), Old White (4), Oval Room Blue (85), Oxford Stone (264), Pale Hound (71), Pale Powder (204), Parma Gray (27), Pavilion Blue (252), Pavilion Gray (242), Peignoir (286), Pelt (254), Picture Gallery Red (42), Pigeon (25), Pink Ground (202), Pitch Black (256), Pitch Blue (220), Plummett (272), Pointing (2003), Purbeck Stone (275), Radicchio (96), Railings (31), Rectory Red (217), Red Earth (64), Ringwold Ground (208 Archive), Salon Drab (290), Savage Ground (213), Setting Plaster (231), Shaded White (201), Shadow White (282), Skimming Stone (241), Skylight (205), Slipper Satin (2004), Smoked Trout (60 Archive), St Giles Blue (280), Stiffkey Blue (281), Stone Blue (86), Stony Ground (211), String (8), Strong White (2001), Studio Green (93), Sudbury Yellow (51), Tallow (203), Tanner's Brown (255), Teresa's Green (236), Tunsgate Green (250), Vardo (288), Vert De Terre (234), Wevet (273), White Tie (2002), Wimborne White (239), Worsted (284), Yeabridge Green (287), Yellow Ground (218)


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